This page is to assist in navigating all the members of the 115th US Congress as they were discussed in the various Fark threads.

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General InformationEdit

  1. Members of Congress becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to communicate with President Trump resort to tweeting at him hoping he or the White House will notice
  2. This is the Silence of the Lambs Congress. They're utterly silent, emerging from the House gym or their three-hour lunches only to scream to the press about Trump
  3. All of Washington is using an app called Confide, which allows deletion of messages after reading. Only problem is, it's not legal
  4. Make America Baked Again. Pro-marijuana lawmakers form first ever Congressional Cannabis Caucus
  5. Could the Republicans' gerrymandering actually end up helping Democrats?
  6. The two defining characteristics of the new right: 1. Hatred for everything different. 2. Indifference of corruption by their own leaders
  7. The republicans might be too scared to face voters at town hall meetings, but they haven't yet missed a single meeting with rich donors and their bottomless bank accounts. Priorities people. Priorities
  8. Divided Republicans await clarity from Trump on key issues, because clear communication and clarity is totally something he does


  1. A meeting between lawmakers and the acting director of ICE took an interesting turn when several Hispanic Democrats were "asked" to leave. It's almost as if certain people don't want them to know what's going on
  2. Late into a getaway Friday, James Comey was briefing senators on Russia. They now all get a week in Sochi as part of the time share package


Congressional Black CaucusEdit

  1. In case you were wondering if the President of the United States actually asked a black person today to set up meetings with other black people by virtue of their blackness, the answer is
    1. Congressional Black Caucus discovers Trump's a weirdo
    2. "Not all black people in DC know each other"


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