Barack Obama is America's 44th president. He is also black (technically, he's only half black, but his wife Michelle is all black). And he has a Muslin middle name (Hussein). Because of this his detractors also believed he was simultaneously gay, atheist, Muslim, communist, socialist, foreign-born (and consequently illegitimately holding office), an empty suit, a micro-managing tyrant and a card-carrying member of any other demographic necessary to discredit everything he ever said or did while in the White House.


  • Fark rule for Obama nicknames: "last name needs to either start with an 'O' or end in 'ama'"[1]
  1.  B-Rock the Islamic Shock Hussein SuperAllah Obama
  2. Fartbongo (from "Fartbama" and "Obongo"[2])
    1. Fartb0ng0 (two zeroes. One for the teleprompter usage and one for ruining America (taking it away from white people).)[3]
  3. Taxbongo
  4. Obummer
  5. Bleary Sombrero Fartbamao Tse-dung, Wizard of Uhhs
  6. Nobama
  7. 0bama (zero +bama)
  8. Bukkake O'Bunga
  9. "President" Balack Husqvarna Sargento 0nambla
    1. "President" Ballsack Husqvarna Sargento 0nambla
  10. Flukey McTeleprompter Blackman
  11. Barry Hussein Sombrero Fartbama
  12. "President" Binaca Hooray Sargento Obummer
  13. "President" Baraka Sub-Zero Motaro Fartbama
  14. "President" Bazooka Insane Sombrero Alabama
  15. "President" Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III
  16. Balackula Oboogedybama, Jimmy Carter, Bukake Boogerbama, Engelbarack Humptybama, Fitz Bunbama
    1. The Humpty Barack
  17.  Baroque Husqvarna


  1. being black
  2. having "Hussein" as his middle nam
  3. created his own flag[4]
  4. tried to tax cow farts[5]
  5. putting his feet on the resolute desk
  6. not wearing a tie
  7. wearing mom jeans
  8. golfing too much
  9. vacationing too much
  10. spending too much tax payer money while on vacation
  11. eating arugula
  12. putting "fancy" mustard on a hamburger
  13. using binder clips
  14. using a teleprompter