009 church condemns occupation
027 onion repeat​h​e-imagines-c-2849
038 daily mail
039 pussed out 20 years ago
041 video01 ryan bundy face issue
042 video Taiwanese animators ridicule the ridiculous

long mormons spiel at
047 passive-aggressive
048 video vulnerable life transitions
049 video meet the mormons
050 think for themselves
051 john dehlin
052 kate kelly
053 september six
054 ERA
055 BITE Model
056 suicide rates
057 anti-depressant use
068 suicide ideation rate
069 devout end of mormon spiel

070 power cut off
072 rabidly catholic s vietnamese govt
073 surveymonkey survey - should they leave
076 video Trig Bundy... learnin' to dance... 80's footloose style
081 backstory

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