Evolution is a dirty Liberal conspiracy propagated by crazy poo-poo atheists. Evolution appeals to these atheists as a fashionable alternative to wearing tin-foil hats.

Evolution does, however, have over 150 years of evidence to back it up. Evolution has been proven.

Evolution's greatest proponents on Fark make up the Permanent Evolving Riot Club. Its greatest detractors are Creationists and Cdesign proponentsists.

Mechanisms Edit

Evolution is simply defined as change over time. Evidence shows that all life originated from a common ancestor, and over the course of millions and billions of years, enough variety crept in to account for the wide variety of life we see today.

Common objections Edit

Second Law of Thermodynamics Edit

Evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics! Decrease of entropy! Wharrgarbl!

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the amount of entropy in a closed system must always decrease. The key thing there is "in a closed system."

The amount of energy Earth gets from the sun is about a trillion times higher than that required for evolution to take place. [1]