FANDOM has several filters enacted, which translate words in the comments into other words, with hilarious results. No, really.

Some words will also render your post invisible to everyone but you.

Getting hit by one of the filters is known as getting filterpwned.

The filter only applies to thread comments, although when appropriate a Farker can pretend their headline got hit as well (Fark Link).

Known filters Edit

  • Bitch → biatch
  • Cunt → coont
  • First post → Boobies (this also adds twelve hours to the time of your post if it was actually the first post)
  • First response → Weeners (Also First Comment)
  • Fuck → fark
  • fukk → frkk
  • Nigger → Attractive and successful African-American
  • Nigga → Nubian
  • Shit → shiat
  • Fag → fag (removes space and/or new line before fag, and any capitalization so "Beer Fag" turns into "Beerfag")
  • 0/10 → I live with my mom
  • tranny → transformer
  • clickbait → my favorite website
  • plonk →favorited!

Note that the filters are sensitive, ignore spaces, and can and will backfire. The phrase "it's a bit chilly" would trip the filter and get translated to "it's a biatchilly." The filters also detect words spelled backwards, replacing the offending text with its replacement, also spelled backwards. For example, "Greg Ginn" (former Black Flag guitarist) becomes "GnaciremA-nacirfA lufsseccus dna evitcarttAn".

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