Goat (to goat, goating, etc.) is a term suggested by VonAether [1] in response to a comment made by FloydA [2].

I'm starting to think the English lexicon needs a new term.
What do you call it when someone recognizes a troll for what it is, snips its nonsense and points out in a concise way why the troll is wrong?
It's useful, for some purposes, to correct widely believed misinformation when it is presented, even if you are aware that the person presenting the falsehoods is not worthy of serious consideration.
It's not exactly a bite when one is not responding to the troll for the troll's benefit, but for the edification of others.
Is there a word for that?

The origin of the term is meant to refer to the fable "The Three Billy Goats Gruff," wherein three goats of successively larger sizes try to cross a bridge guarded by a troll. The first two trick the troll into waiting for the next goat to come along, as they're larger and would make a better meal. The third goat is powerful enough to throw the troll over the side of the bridge.