griffer is a Farker who frequently posts unusual and/or NSFW images in threads, generally the images are related to the thread's topic. griffer's links are usually non-clickable Tiny Url links as his image priviledges have been revoked.

griffer is also known for when he went to washington, for the hot closeted republican homo 'anonymous' sex.

The above is unmitigated crap. Griffer is an occasionally funny, occasionally offensive, frequently annoying chap who has gone through many different iterations and schticks.

Griffer has never had gay sex with a Republican.

His love of bald pussy is legend. Harold and Jolene make frequent appearances as his image posting privileges are intact.

Do not take him seriously. In real life, he would throw his cape in a mud puddle to save a lady's Pradas. He give money to the poor. He supports the Gays and the Jews. He supports equal rights, including marriage equality.

He is, in short, not worse than Hitler.


In the words of Crocker, LEAVE GRIFFER ALONE!

He totally had gay sex with a Republican.