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"I love the poorly educated!"
-Donald J. Trump, February 24, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada[1]


  1. With a coherent speech for once, Donald Trump may have just had his Bar Mitzvah moment
  2. The advantage to finally acting sane is that people give you props for that
  3. Blaming the Klan on modern Democrats is like blaming the Unabomber on the Montana Territory, which I do so nyeh
  4. "I am a passionate believer in integrating and interpreting nature's elements into our daily lives" Did Melania just come out as a Wiccan?
  5. The most Fark ready headline that has ever been Fark ready: "Goddamn it, Alex Jones has taken his shirt off again" (WARNING: Alex Jones is shirtless in TFA) (a lot)
  6. Legal analysts agree that the likely reason SEC-filed charges were dismissed vs. Texas AG Paxton is because he's a Republican
  7. ObamaCare's sudden popularity is a myth - Just 22% of actual enrollees like their ObamaCare plans
  8. Democrats: It's bad for Trump's people to meet Russians. Also Democrats: Sure, the Russian Ambassador can visit the Obama White House 22 times
  9. Liberal Muslim Female Reporter goes to a college to explain to students why she voted for Trump and supports him
  10. In a great confluence of political cross currents of nothingberger, the story that DWS failed to recognize SEAL's widow turns out to be fake, or was it?
  11. After every Trump revelation, the following 13 step formula is followed, rinsed and repeated
  12. You know you're a lonely person when you find yourself taking a life-sized cardboard cutout of President Trump on camping trips, boat rides, and a country music festival
  13. Fox News won't fact check The Big Cheeto's claim about Obama wiretapping him, but they will "fact check" Obama's denial of it. Bonus: There wasn't any fact checking, it was someone's opinion
  14. Today is the day that Trump supporters will show their strength in March 4 Trump rallies all across the country. Already tens of Trump supporters have shown up at the National Mall
  15. Lots of people showed up for "March 4 Trump" rallies across the country, if you count maybe 150 people total as a lot of people
  16. White House press release contains a paragraph copied verbatim from an Exxon press release. If everything in The Swamp™ is killed by an oil spill, maybe that still counts?
  17. The serious case for Oprah 2020
  18. Mark Levin: "There is overwhelming evidence the Obama administration wiretapped Trump before Trump was sworn in as president, and Democrats are trying to cover that up" Press: "What evidence?" Mark Levin: "OVERWHELMING evidence"
  19. Among a group of die-hard Trump supporters who were key to getting him elected "The ..delight... that greeted Donald Trump's victory on November 8 has gradually melted into a mixture of confusion and frustration"
  20. Lots of people showed up for "March 4 Trump" rallies across the country, if you count maybe 150 people total as a lot of people
  21. Trump's new strategy is to make up a conspiracy to deflect from the seriousness of the Russia ties. Yeah, we've been over this, CNN; you're late to the party
  22. Old people back racist party. This is not a repeat of the last 203,324 this has happened
  23. Thanks to Trump's war against immigrants and Obamacare, a lot of poor white trash in red states are going to die horrible, painful deaths from preventable illnesses
  24. Trump has 26 million Twitter followers but is only following 43 people and businesses. And most of those businesses are his own
  25. Midwesterners made Trump the President, now they want him to invent a new reality where automation never happened so they can have a $14/hr job soldering the same wire onto the same contact 3,000 times a day. You know, the American Dream™
  26. May we present: Trump's proof of the wire tapp. And you know he'd tapp that
  27. Ben Carson: Slaves were immigrants who dreamed of a better life
    1. There weren't any MFing immigrants on the MFing slave ships
  28. For a renowned surgeon, Ben Carson sure can't surgically remove that foot from his mouth
  29. Russian hacking of the DNC is a problem, not a scandal. The scandal is this: Who inside the government of the United States is trying to discredit, damage or destroy the President of the United States?
  30. Thanks to Trump's war against immigrants and Obamacare, a lot of poor white trash in red states are going to die horrible, painful deaths from preventable illnesses
  31. We're paying for this new travel ban by cutting coastal and air security. I'm sure this makes sense to someone, but that someone shouldn't be anywhere near the reins of power
  32. By acting like a paranoid crybaby, Donald Trump has inadvertently destroyed the narrative that Russia hacked our presidential election
  33. "It doesn't get any better than this," says quivering mound of hate jello Pat Buchanan, who gleefully revels in Donald Trump's reshaping of the Republican party
  34. Why Democrats will eventually come to love Obamacare Lite
  35. The latest conspiracy theory from fringe alt-right radio shock jocks? Obama holdovers in government are "committing treason" against Trump to cover up their crimes
  36. That time when candidate Trump met with the Russian Ambassador and then lied about it
  37. 8 tricks for defending Trump on the left. More tricks on the right
  38. Apparently Republicans have become Russia's b*tches
  39. Trump surprises kids on White House tour because everyone thought he was at Mar-a-Lago again
  40. Now that President Trump has figured out this White House gig his approval ratings have started to climb
  41. Animated graph shows how politically polarized the US has become over the last 20 years
  42. Fast For Trump
    1. Witchcraft, which isn't a real religion and isn't working, is apparently working and the cause of all trump's problems. No this is not a repeat from 1693
  43. But all of that aside, 'satanic child murdering cabal' sounds like an awesome name for a punk rock band
  44. "She and her husband voted for Mr. Trump...because 'I thought he would make it better'"
  45. Obama is "engaging with domestic terrorists" to take down Trump. Wait, domestic terrorists typically support Trump
  46. Privacy, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. GOP wants to do away with FCC's entire privacy rulemaking to allow ISPs to sell your entire browsing history to advertisers or other third parties without your consent
  47. Trump tries, fails to be Presidential. This is not a repeat from every hour of every day for the past 47 days
  48. GOP lawmakers are about to pass two laws that would make it nearly impossible to sue corporations
  49. White House claims that Trump's allegations that Obama tapped his phones is evidence of wrongdoing even if it turns out to be false
  50. World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017. No, really, that`s what it's actually called
  51. How Russia weaponizes fake news. And no, it doesn't involve dropping Steve Bannon on you from a MiG-29
  52. House judiciary Republicans ask for FBI briefing on Trump's wiretapping claims, moon landing from 1969, and whereabouts of the Tooth Fairy
  53. Something is straining the relationship between President Trump and President Obama. They used to be BFFs; I'm not sure what happened
  54. Gothamist is bought by a right-wing billionaire and by some weird coincidence, Gothamist's negative coverage of the aforementioned right-wing billionaire disappears from the site
  55. Coal Rollers: Boys will be boys or boy what a bunch of dirt bags?
  56. What has gotten into the Democrats? Why are they so bellicose toward Moscow?
  57. Fox News: Very concerned for your privacy. Well not necessarily yours, but someone's
  58. So, has anyone else noticed that the handicapping of the State Department that President Trump has engaged in, benefits Russia and Putin tremendously?
  59. EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming. That is all
  60. Media reports that Trump is meeting with former rivals in a "charm offensive." Minus the charm
  61. AG Sessions: "Khorosho, ya sdelayu vse, chto vozmozhno, chtoby vosstanovit' nezavisimost' i professionalizm Ministerstva yustitsii"
  62. President Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. He's only been in office a month so the odds are against him, like our president has ever been daunted by the odds
  63. The bar has now been set for "stupidest thing said during the Obamacare repeal debate". " Rep Jason Smith (Slow-MO) decrying Obamacare's tax on tanning beds, If Democrats are concerned about dskin cancer "Why haven't they put a tax on the sun instead?"
  64. Grandpa Munster says the Trumps were "gracious and warm" during dinner at the White House and everything was fine, just fine, and there is no reason to suspect otherwise
  65. New York Times wants you to forget one of their narratives. Forget, forget, deep breath now, forget. Please standby to naively accept the next installment
  66. Trump claims that he has never met a man who paid him $95 million. Which I totally understand, I've never met a man who'd pay me $95 million either
  67. Mosque muting bill in Israel gets-- ترتفع للصلاة. I said, Mosque muting bill in Israel gets--ترتفع للصلاة Oh, never mind
  68. Rand Paul introduces simple bill to full repeal Obamacare titled "Popcorn Dot Gif Act of 2017"
  69. Rand Paul introduces simple bill to full repeal Obamacare titled "Popcorn Dot Gif Act of 2017"
  70. Study shows that conservatives are less likely to be Canadian than liberals
  71. Paul Ryan: The "fatal conceit" of Obamacare is that HEALTHY people with insurance subsidize SICK people's health costs
  72. Man: "I've yet to read anything positive about this healthcare bill". Woman: "Try going 2 a conservative source and open up your reading habits". Man: "I'm the editor of National Review Online"
  73. "Is Trump throwing Ukraine to the Kremlin sharks?" asks man who just woke up from a coma that began in 2015
  74. Russian spies offer to help tech companies overcome American spies
  75. Congress votes to repeal rules that would hold school systems accountable for student performance, because that would REALLY fark up Betsy Devos' plan to outsource the public school system to Bob's Bait Shop and Institute of Jesusological studies
  76. White House finally responds to growing questions about Wikileaks CIA dump, Trump's wiretap accusation and connections to canceling all press events
  77. "Since the invention of the mythic welfare queen in the 1960s, this has been the story we most reliably tell about why people are poor. Never mind that research from across the social sciences shows us, over and again, that it's a lie"
  78. All Things Considered tracked down a fake news site who wrote such headlines as "Chris Christie nominated to Supreme Food Court." and "Sarah Palin Banning Muslims from Entering Bristol Palin." Yes, he's a liberal
  79. Cancer patient calls bullshiat on Samantha Bee's 'half-apology'
  80. New poll suggests the Democratic Party is less popular than Trump and Pence. Dealer showing 10, DNC seen doubling down
  81. Since Donald Trump is having such a hard time with his Russian ties, Russia Today figured it was the perfect time to revisit President Obama's birth certificate
  82. Where has the color purple gone in American politics? That's right, in the color dumpster of opposition
  83. The purge continues: On a Friday afternoon, Sessions asks for resignation of 46 U.S. attorneys
  84. Friday massacre, as Trump abruptly orders 46 Obama era prosecutors to resign, including the US Attorney in Manhattan who handles public corruption cases
  85. While you libs are getting your panties in a wad, real Americans like xenophobes, Pizza-gaters, and middle-school Aryans are rallying for our president and calling for liberal genocide
  86. The buck stops at General Votel
  87. House okays using taxpayer money for Islamic schools
  88. Johnny Smith apprehended; President Stillson safe
  89. Do you even left, bro?
  90. Comey: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Privacy? What the hell is that?
  91. WH: It's fine, just fine, nothing to see here. There are no investigations targeting the President, and if there were, we cannot comment on on-going investigations anyway. So there. Nailed it
  92. Science. Huh. Good God, y'all. What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'. Love, Scott Pruitt
  93. Another lesson about elections and consequences, courtesy of former Appalachian coal miners
  94. Trump's 'security nightmare' trips to Mar-a-Lago provide a bounty of opportunities for hostile spies
  95. GOP wants you to know that Keith Hall is a liberal hack who isn't fit to be CBO director
  96. Trump supporters protest... Anti-Nazi Resistance Radio commercial for "The Man in the High Castle". Yes, Really
  97. 'Didn't you used to be a girl?': Chaz Bono faces deluge of online hate after Hannity Twitter spat
  98. Milo Yiannopoulos sticks his foot in his mouth again, for dehumanizing vulnerable people with cruel comments.....again
  99. Top level Publican fixer, Roger Stone, only had "banal" chats with Guccifer 2.0, the Russian hacker elite. They discussed the weather and Knicks prospects. Yeah, and Subby is just using the giggity tag because there is no Patriot tag
  100. Trump administration makes up an accusation against Obama with zero proof offered. Shockingly, this is not a repeat of the last 20,343 times this has happened
  101. All power to deflector shields
  102. Human-pug hybrid Kellyanne Conway pulls another alternative fact out of her rectum, says the Trump campaign was monitored in other ways
    1. Small appliance expert Kellyanne Conway says she's not sure what was used to spy on Trump campaign, because she's "not inspector Gadget." Yes, that was a quote
  103. Steve King thinks he would look real snazzy in a Nazi uniform
  104. Trump voters to be hardest hit by Trump's health care plan. Clinton voters still set to suffer debilitating cases of schadenfreude
  105. Even Breitbart thinks that Tom Price's comments that "everyone will be covered" under Trumpscare was the lie of the year
  106. Donald Trump will host China's president at Mar-A-Lago because why not waste more taxpayer dollars
  107. Spicer Says: Trump wants the White House Press pool to decide where he donates his salary. I'm pretty sure they all read Fark so let's give them some suggestions
  108. Trump: "My new and improved travel ban is flawless, see you in court liberotardos" Lawyers and judges: "You are really bad at this"
  109. What's that, oh it's nothing, just Jared Kushner's family making $400 million because a huge Chinese company is buying one of their buildings at a wildly inflated price on terms ridiculously favorable to the Kushners, nothing to see here, move along
  110. CBO estimates 14 million people losing health insurance if American Health Act is passed
    1. CBO projects iPhone sales to drop by 14M in 2018, accelerate to over 24 million by 2026
  111. NBC Reporter: "Can we trust that what the President says is real?" Bullshiat Spice: "If he's not joking, of course"
  112. WTF in Chief Donald Trump warns republicans that by repealing Obamacare they are "putting themselves in a very bad position"
  113. Refined Gentleman that he is, President Trump lets it be known via the Twitter machine that he is distempered, nay, downright appalled, at the rudeness and lack of civility the uncouth media is displaying towards his designated liars
  114. SHOCKING CONFESSION: In his own words, Obama admits to wiretapping Trump
  115. Prominent evangelical pastor with an actual moral compass is opposed to Trump and the preachers who worship him, so naturally he's about to get kicked out of his leadership postion
  116. Trump unfollows his Morning Joe besties who helped get him elected. Sad
  117. The fact that the Top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee which has been charged with looking into Russia's interference in the election was also a member of Trump's transition team should in no way cast doubt on the panel's work
  118. Ivanka celebrates holiday where Jews hung liar who tried to have them killed. Steve Bannon said to be uncomfortable with the idea
  119. Gov. Chris Christie victim blames all the recently fired U.S. attorneys. "They received notice that they were leaving office. That notice was given to them by the people of the country on November 8, when they elected a Republican president"
  120. Newt licks himself some Trump butt. Mmm, that's good Trump butt
  121. Breitbart begins sharpening some very long knives
    1. Microwave catches Paul Ryan throwing Trump under the bus
  122. Trump White House on CBO report on Trumpcare: unbelievable, fake news. Our own analysis shows that by 2026 twice as many Americans will lose health insurance as the CBO report. So there
  123. Rex Tillerson may not be a firm believer in Climate Change, but his intra-company alias Wayne Tracker believed that it was about to get hot enough to pop popcorn on the sidewalk
  124. Stupid: Man compares Planned Parenthood to Nazi concentration camp after someone makes a donation in his name. FARK: Kansas State Senator Steve Fitzgerald (R)
  125. Welcome to Politics 2017 - The Year of the Walk Back
  126. Beyond outright incompetence - Donald Trump has a plan? CNN thinks so. Maybe it is stored right next to his Healthcare plan, China plan, and Defeat ISIS plan
  127. Trump tweets snowstorm warning from the agency whose budget he's planning to slash
  128. Thanks to Trump, the CIA can conduct drone strikes in secret
  129. FTFA: In what can be described as journalistic malpractice and a gross dereliction of duty, the alt-left radical propaganda press continues to insist there is some nefarious connection between President Trump and Moscow. Evidence? They don't need any
  130. Trump voter logic: "It pisses me off, but my wife pisses me off too"
  131. EPA head: Meh, what's a little chemical spill between friends?
  132. Obviously, the reason no one can find any evidence that Obama ordered Trump wiretapped is because he asked James Bond to do it
  133. If you hated Obamacare because your premiums went up too much, just wait until you try the new and improved 750% hike in Trumpcare
  134. Ex NC Governor Pat McCrory: Some people won't hire me just because I spearheaded blatantly discriminatory legislation that damaged the reputation of my state and incompetently managed the fallout. Can you imagine the nerve?
  135. Another day, another GOP survey. You would think that if they wanted to get feedback from voters, they would hold townhalls or something
  136. Trump signs executive order asking every department "just what do they do around here?"
  137. Republicans tell Steve King that he's being a little too obvious with the dog megaphone
  138. Donald Trump just became Hillary Clinton's email ally
  139. Clammy porcelain Republican kingmaker Matt Drudge says he now wants his vote back because Republicans haven't abolished the concept of taxes yet
  140. Democrats paralyzed as Gorsuch skates. To be fair, his Biellmann spin and stag jump combo earned him a 10.0 from the Ecuadorian judges
  141. President Trump: brought to you by the same people who unleashed knock-off fart apps on the world
  142. Political control over the Fed is inevitable. Which means the inflationary spiral that the Fed was put in place to prevent is also inevitable
  143. As their Obamacare replacement cuts off funds for Planned Parenthood, Republicans want to reassure women that other clinics will step up to provide their low-cost breast exams, contraception and cancer screenings. Let's see how that worked in TX
  144. The "Hearing Protection Act" is a GOP-introduced bill to a) update laws for maximal headphone volume output, b) make measurement of sound levels at live concerts mandatory, c) reduce restrictions on gun silencers
  145. Today we learn how the revolving door between the government and use your tax dollars, make Bezos a happy guy
  146. Because they're schmucks who only care that he's pissing off liberals
  147. Trump to lay wreath at Andrew Jackson's grave, initiate new Trail of Tears to make room for real Americans, and cripple the Bank of the United States. Will he go all-in and call for the abolition of the Electoral College to ensure the populist voice?
  148. Apparently Putin doesn't want a Pence presidency
  149. NYT: Dammit, Maddow, what's with the whole "educating your viewers to catch them up to speed on why all of this shiat matters in the end" thing? Why didn't you just do an hour dissecting the stupid returns, dammit. GAWD. *punts puppy*
  150. Donald Trump Jr. goes on Twitter rant about fake news after Rachel Maddow unveiled his father's very real tax returns
  151. Remember when Bill Clinton asked for the resignations of all US attorneys DURING the transition:? Pepperidge farms remembers
  152. Marco Rubio says Snoop Dogg should have been more careful about pretending to shoot a Trump clown in a video because "presidents have been assassinated before"
  153. Trump attorney challenges Scarborough to prove Trump team is behind tax leak, because proof is something everyone else has to provide
  154. Trump is planning on cutting the NWS, EPA, Medicare and Medicaid, but you can bet your tax dollars he's going back to Mar-a-Lago this weekend
  155. The "administration" of Donald Trump "seems to" like using "scare quotes" a "whole lot"
  156. Trump defenders are starting to sound like English Lit professors at a Joyce seminar: "So now you have to decide, are you going to take the tweets literally? And if you are then clearly the president was wrong. But if you're not"
  157. Headline: "Donald Trump is more normal than you think"
  158. LIberals, don't get too comfy up there sipping your lattes on your high chairs, turns out women who supported Trump think he's doing a terrific job, and is keeping all his promises, including, draining the swamp and such
  159. Liberals in pursuit of the smoking gun to take down Trump fell for a 1.6 billion dollar hoax
  160. Trump to send 1000 troops to Syria because you can't win wars if you don't fight them
  161. Adorable Trump operative Roger Stone thinks he's important enough to be targeted for assassination
  162. Facebook is marking InfoWars links as "spam", regardless of whether Alex Jones appears shirtless
  163. Trump's agenda hinges on the fate of Trumpscare
  164. It's always a good sign when your boss starts telling reporters what your next job could be
  165. Want to kill someone? Do it in Florida, where it's basically legal now
    1. Trump again says he was wiretapped as long as you include people listening to people in any situation as wiretapping
  166. GOP is scrambling to re-write their healthcare bill after the CBO estimates show just how much it will piss off their voting base of old white people
  167. AG Jeff Sessions: "We have too much tolerance for marijuana use. We need to say, as Nancy Reagan said, 'Just say no.'" He then knocked back three fingers of bourbon and took a long, satisfying drag from an unfiltered Camel
  168. Breitbart loves trolling Paul Ryan. Well who wouldn't?
  169. Trump's Utah booster cites hunting stance as key to victory & Mormons who voted against Head Cheeto need forgiveness, because Ivanka: "Statistically, if you come from wealth and privilege, you have about an 85 percent chance of being a train wreck"
  170. GOP: " If Democrats want to fix healthcare, they should offer their own bill." That's the joke
  171. Trump finds another way to improve health care in Michigan
  172. Isn't it time we normalize President Trump? If it can even be done
  173. Tom Price thinks it should be up to states, not the Federal Government, to decide if vaccines are required
  174. President Trump wants to privatize the nation's air traffic controllers to save money. What could possibly go wrong?
  175. New overnight poll puts Donald Trump's approval rate at 46%. Which is exactly the same percentage who show no concern about health care, the environment, the economy, race relations, labor issues, foreign policy
  176. Trump's budget cuts all funding for climate change research. Every. Last. Penny
  177. Politics 101 - Even the most loyal supporters get turned off by a politician who orders a $54 steak well done and then puts ketchup on it
  178. "Nobody ever talks about the fact that [the words 'wires tapped' was in quotes [in the tweet], but that's a very important thing"]
  179. The failing, rigged, fake New York Times article used the word wiretap which makes me smart
  180. So it turns out that more people voted in the 1026 Presidential election, than did when President Obama was reelected in 2012
  181. Mulvaney: "We can't ask a coal miner to pay for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting." This story brought to you by the letters 'W,' 'T' and 'F'
  182. Rachel Maddow rickrolled her liberal flock, and they love her for it and can't wait for the next benevolent serving of anti-Trump scraps
  183. Trump plan to cut foreign aid comes just as the threat of famine is surging in various places around the world, fomenting unrest and destabilizing regions the US is trying to stabilize to prevent ISIS from making inroads
  184. Reason magazine has never suffered through a PBS telethon
  185. They'll be no shortage of Donald Trumps in the coming decades. Secret service in trouble for taking selfies with 8 year-old Donald Trump III. Trump III says Obama caused him to poopie his pants. They grow up so fast
  186. Kid Rock celebrates his new line of grills made in America by launching Chinese grills into the air and shooting them with a shotgun. I'm sure the Chinese don't care since they have Rock's money
  187. Guy who doesn't like gay people stomps all over their flag. This is not a metaphor
  188. Michelle Malkin says judges are tyrants for not allowing constitutionally dubious travel ban to go through. Good thing Malkin doesn't have a murky immigrant background which might include her parents immigrating on employer sponsored visas
  189. After one of their many on-air arguments, "Hannity pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Williams...he even turned on the laser sight, causing a red dot to bob around on Williams' body"
  190. Enjoy Sean Spicer's latest Melissa McCarthy impersonation
  191. Republican-lite Dems trying to figure out how to stay relevant, can't even
  192. LA Times says that while Al Gore had an inconvenient truth, Donald Trump has inconvenient realities
  193. Congressional Republicans rebuke Trump's budget
  194. The U.S. may have just bombed a mosque in Aleppo during evening prayers. Dozens dead
  195. "He's doing everything that he promised he would do - working to secure our borders, took us out of TPP, has the best cabinet that has never been assembled in history," says GOP congressman who gave Trump an A for his performance. Hilarity ensued
  196. Republican congressman and proud Twitter racist Steve King finally caves to all the pressure, gives interview detailing how he's been crushed by the weight of all of his GOP colleagues patting him on the back
  197. Cognitive dissonance sadly not covered by the ACA. Thanks, Obama
  198. Trump's bold, grand plan for the US Navy lacks one key element: Funding to pay for the skilled workers needed to build said fleet. Also, the skilled workers are nowhere to be found
  199. GOP to Trump: No, you can't have a wall
  200. Trump's budget motto: Nothing helps, so we should stop trying
  201. GOP to Trump: No, you can't shut down Meals on Wheels
  202. Right wing journalists ask the hard questions, like "Why is President Obama spending time in Hawaii?" Because it's not like he's from there or anything
    1. Reporter quits over Obama conspiracy theory story published by his employer
  203. Inside internet hate site: "We're not a hate site"
  204. Obviously, the reason no one can find any evidence that Obama ordered Trump wiretapped is because he asked James Bond to do it
    1. White House officially downgrades its apology to "an explanation"
    2. No longer even trying to hide it
    3. Deputy Director of the NSA calls Trump's UK spying allegations "just crazy", "arrant nonsense". Then insinuates Trump is ignorant and stupid. Why yes, he is retiring shortly
  205. Russia's hostile actions may be due to them panicking over our latest nuclear missiles, which for the first time in history make a preemptive nuclear attack possible. It's a good thing we have someone in charge who won't-oh, god, we're all screwed
  206. Tim Allen says Hollywood is 'like 1930's Germany' for conservatives. Man, his comedy routine's really gone downhill
  207. Pamphlet explains what your snowflake should do if they suffer a microaggression. Oops
  208. Having wrested Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia out of Democratic hands, Donald Trump proposes screwing them over completely... along with red states Kentucky and Tennessee
  209. White House: All VA Hospitals directed to put up portraits of cheetos
  210. Trump claims he is holding a big meeting on how to overhaul the VA at Mar-a-Lago because it was "the most convenient place" and "everybody wanted to go there". Also, Donald? Stop trying to make "The Southern White House" happen. It's embarrassing
    1. This weekend, you paid Trump the approximate cost of 500,000 Meals on Wheels for a "Veterans Affairs meeting" in Mar-a-Lago. Only it seems he forgot to bring the VA secretary. Or even to schedule the meeting
  211. Secret Service laptop containing the floor plans to Trump Tower and info about the Clinton email investigation stolen
  212. Well, it's not like he nominated Martin Shkreli to head the FDA or anything
  213. Breitbart wants Trump to go full Andrew Jackson and ignore the courts and their verdicts, because that's what you do in a Democracy
  214. Since the White House argued that Meals on Wheels is going to be cut because it has not shown any results, I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that there is actual research that proves otherwise
  215. POUTS show how he deals with women leaders by refusing to shake Merkel's hand at photo op - or even look at her
    1. Trump makes hilarious wiretap joke with Merkel to which Merkel responded, I don't understand, I was actually wiretapped while you just made it up. So, how is that funny?
  216. Sean Spicer is increasingly becoming like one of those robots in a logic puzzle: You can NEVER admit your Boss lies, But your Boss NEVER tells the Truth, and you have to explain what he really means
  217. Trump treats his staff as horribly as he treats everyone else. Film at 11
  218. Trump insults about her on the campaign trail are gonna make his meeting with Angela Merkel more awkward than that Thanksgiving where Uncle Cleetus "came out" and admitted to his turkey fetish
  219. HHS Sec. Tom Price says that benchmark for healthcare should be care, not insurance coverage. Aight we can all agree on that? Now let's hear how Trump/GOP plans to provide said care... oh laissez-faire mmmkay that worked magnificently the last time
  220. Sarcasm-illiterate (or actually illiterate) Trump press staffers include link to parody article skewering budget proposal in official daily briefing
  221. Everybody loves Bernie Sanders - that is, except the Democratic party
  222. For SOME reason the US government isn't responding to Ukraine's requests to interview Paul Manafort in connection to a corruption investigation. Gee, I wonder why that is
  223. NOT NEWS: Punch-magnet white supremacist shames welfare. NEWS: Wearing bootstraps funded by millions in government subsidies. FARK: Paid to his family-owned cotton farm in Louisiana
  224. So, if we eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, what could we use that money for? How about building one mile of the 405 freeway? Wait, make that "not even a mile"
  225. The farther you live from a large city the more likely you will be living in poverty and riding a hoveround
  226. The IRS granted 'After School Satan Club' tax-exempt status in 10 days, while non-profit conservative groups had to wait years (and some are still waiting)
  227. They cast their votes. They knew what they were getting into. I say, let them burn
  228. A majority of young people believe Trump's presidency to be illegitimate, that they were simply powerless to stop it because they were so busy shooting their marijuanas on election day
  229. Alternative Facts v2.0 is live. I'm pissed because there are no new features, just word-play tweaks and balancing. Definitely not buying the expansion when it comes out
  230. Donations to Meals on Wheels surge after announcement of funding cuts. See? The system works
  231. It appears that someone is blowing smoke up the White House's arse with some crazy theory about smog
  232. Tom Price tells CNN that Trump's promise of universal health coverage is right behind the ACA repeal and passage of the Blood God Budget. The specifics are secret. Trust him
  233. Trump fan sues Manhattan bar for not serving him because of his Trump hat. Yeah, right. I'm sure it had nothing to do with his "waiters can go fark themselves" shirt
  234. Fake news delivers new fake polling numbers for Trump showing only 37% approve of his job performance and a fake 58% of fakers disapprove of his job performance
  235. Mike Pence to get "World's 2nd Best Boss" mug
  236. Ryan goes all in on Don'tCare
  237. "Circumstantial evidence" regarding collusion between Russia and Trump campaign. The seven or so Trump surrogates who had many meetings with Russians not withstanding
  238. Trump: Russia story is 'FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it'
    1. "Is Russiagate just a conspiracy theory?" If the headline ends in a question
  239. Trump Administration to boycott UN council over anti-Israel agenda, because the best way to stop something you don't like is to prevent yourself from voting to stop it
  240. Fox News host suggested that the Secret Service should kill Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow after Snoop recently made a music video in which he points a gun at a clown version of President Trump, because that's what you do in a Democracy
  241. "Establishment Democrats aim to adopt the anti-Trump movement", perhaps consider becoming liberal again but not too soon because they wouldn't want to rush into standing for something, or winning elections, or anything scary like that
  242. Rand Paul predicts that Trumpcare will pass, fail completely, and only then after the complete collapse of the healthcare system will any real negotiations towards healthcare reform begin
  243. White House continues to defend wiretapping claim despite today's contrary statements from "so-called FBI Director" Comey
  244. Homeland Security publishes list of 118 terrorist occupied cities. Bombing begins in five minutes
  245. Step 1: Steal car. Step 2: Drive to White House. Step 3: Declare there is a bomb in your car at a Secret Service checkpoint. Step 4: Get featured on Fark
  246. Your SpicerFact for 3/20/17: Trump golfing is better than Obama golfing because Trump uses golf to solve the world's problems
  247. Learn to loot, smash skulls, and scream the right way in this Protest Safety Simulator
  248. The age of open government is ending
  249. Trump campaign chief turned Lobbyist Corey Lewandowski is raising money for a PAC designed to help "drain the swamp" and fight corruption in Washington. Man, who would've expected him to turn on his former boss like that?
  250. GOP Representatives: Here we'll put $75* billion into the bill. Don't ask what it does. We won't know until the Senate passes it
  251. Trump voters think it's OK for Trump to commit treason because Hillary would have been worse. So there ya have it kids, out of their own mouths and in their own words: Trumpers support treason
  252. Trump takes personal credit and brags about increasing unemployment in African American males
  253. (3/21/2017) Women are spending tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to get the "natural beauty" of Ivanka Trump. That's the joke 
  254. The best and worst states for business: 90% of the top 10 voted for Trump; 80% of the bottom 10 voted for Clinton
  255. Trump threatens Republicans to support TrumpCare or lose their seats. Or possibly grab them by it, one of the two
    1. Bullshiat Spice: Come on guys, obviously the President was having some fun with recalcitrant GOP members who refuse to back Health Care bill, he wasn't actually threatening, really. Trust him
  256. Monday's hearing "debunked" Trump's wiretapping tweets, but left his underlying claim intact: that there was surveillance of the Trump campaign; that the results were shared throughout the government - even possibly reaching the Obama White House
  257. While most news outlets reported the twin bombshells Comey dropped yesterday, that Trump lied, and that Trump's team is being investigated; Fox and Friends tweets "you didn't miss much" with a supercut of the questions Comey DIDN'T answer
  258. So, it turns out the FBI really DID have a wiretap at Trump Tower to spy on Russians, but it was from 2011-2013, and its target was the Russian mobsters running a massive money laundering operation out of their apartment there
    1. Whether it's residents in his Trump-branded buildings, or his business associates or investors in his projects, Trump is tied up with not just Russians, but in many cases Russians tied to the criminal underworld and money laundering
  259. How Farking idiotic are Trump supporters? They chant Build the Wall while vacationing in Mexico. They may want to check out Snopes for the vacation pics story
  260. The breakthrough of the 2016 election lies in the fact that the religious right, in its support for a thrice-married, self-confessed sexual predator, finally dispensed with the fiction that it was concerned about abortion or 'family values'
  261. The internet is forever, and things you post can come back to haunt you later. Isn't that right, Mrs. Kellyanne "Ha, ha, you're being investigated by the FBI" Conway?
  262. Meanwhile at Rasmussen, the Czar's approval rating remains at 50%
  263. People close to the president say Mr. Trump's Twitter torrent had less to do with fact, strategy or tactic than a sense of persecution bordering on faith: He simply believes that he was bugged in some way, by someone
  264. Christianity INC. well, at least they're finally admitting its always been about the money and redemption was never an option
  265. What's it like to have Trump grab you by the pussy?
  266. Next up with Russian connections: John Podesta
  267. Democrat party is based on the promise of giving out free stuff. It works to draw in voters until they realize it's a lie, then the murders begin
  268. Wait until he finds out that the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats
  269. Guy who quit his job and stopped paying his mortgage to follow Trump on the trail playing pro-Trump country songs realizes that the only thing he was playing was himself
    1. (3/24/2017) Country singer loses his son to heroin. Then he loses his house, his business, and his health care in an effort to help make things right. Then he loses his face to a leopard. It's the circle of life 
  270. Disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner seen hobbling around NYC. Here are the crutch shots
  271. Rep. Nunes claims that Trump people were picked up on FBI wiretaps of Russians, which means, technically, Obama wiretapped the Trump campaign, which is the best kind of wiretapping
  272. Gorsuch believes it is improper to state opinions about historic cases. A SCOTUS appointee with no opinion or regard for precedent? The perfect candidate
  273. Dave Brat goes into a conspiracy theory meltdown live on the air after Katy Tur asks him a few simple questions
  274. Chelsea Clinton is set to receive a lifetime achievement award for some reason
  275. Donald Trump Jr. takes to Twitter to insult the Mayor of London over terrorist attack. I'm beginning to think there's a nature, not nurture thing going on here
  276. Tattoo removals have skyrocketed in San Francisco, as illegal aliens fear body markings may tie them to foreign criminal gangs and make them a target for immigration officials
  277. Lockheed Martin CEO says that Trump made the F-35 great again with just a single phone call
  278. The FBI is struggling to hire hackers because they're all weed smokers
  279. Trump feels "somewhat vindicated" about his "wire tapping" allegations. "Somewhat vindicated" is in quotes meaning not actually vindicated at all
  280. ProPublica fact-checks lawmakers' constituent letters and finds out that both sides really are bad. ChecktetrisBOOMSHAKALAKA, libulardorethuglikans
  281. No, Trump did not persuade TransCanada Corp to withdraw a hefty lawsuit against the U.S. government. Lawsuit is merely suspended as it has been for weeks. This dude just loves to lie
  282. (3/23/2017) Fox News Smug Watch alert: "Liberals think it's okay to hate us" 
  283. (3/23/2017) "We've hit full-on crazy," laments Baba Yaga, though not because of the Russia scandal but because of judges blocking a racist travel ban 
  284. (3/23/2017) Shepard Smith's persistent adherence to liberal claptrap such as "facts," "accuracy," and "journalistic principles" are beginning to distress Fox News viewers, who are now calling for his firing 
  285. (3/23/2017) Five Thirty Eight dissected The_Donald, what they found will shock you. Probably. Maybe. OK, not at all 
  286. (3/23/2017) New poll indicates that 60% of Americans find Trump dishonest. The 40% who find him honest are either his family or board of directors 
  287. (3/23/2017) TrumpCare is so full of win, only 17% of voters approve of it -- including a paltry 41% of Republicans 
  288. (3/23/2017) Are boomers sociopaths? I don't know, what else would you call a generation of impulsive, self-absorbed individuals who are stealing from their grandkids and blaming everyone but themselves for their problems? 
  289. (3/23/2017) Kayleigh McEnany tried to say her fellow CNN panelists didn't support the Fourth Amendment. She was quickly humiliated, as is tradition 
  290. (3/23/2017) Manafort V3.0: Going from campaign manager, to "played a very limited role for a very limited time", to "Really guys, he wasn't even here long enough for us to check his references" 
  291. (3/23/2017) The most adorable pics of a toddler getting his first ride in a big rig that you'll see all year 
  292. (3/23/2017) Russian backed despot issues terroristic demand to U.S. government 
    1. (3/24/2017) Donald Trump is taking on The Freedom Caucus. Whoever wins, we lose 👑
  293. (3/24/2017) Judge who blocked Trump's travel ban gets death threats 
  294. (3/24/2017) Trump supporters accuse Hulu's new 'The Handmaiden's Tale' mini-series of attacking Trump 
  295. (3/24/2017) The real scandal, which the media regard as a diversion from the primary target, Trump, is that a Deep State conspiracy to bring down his presidency seems to have been put in place by Obamaites, and perhaps approved by Obama himself 
  296. (3/24/2017) Let's look at the idiot behind Pizzagate 
    1. (3/24/2017) Backpedaling on a scale never seen before, Alex Jones recants and renounces Pizzagate. OMG, the lizard people got to him 
    2. (3/26/2017) Alex Jones' apology for Pizzagate is accepted by his listeners about as well as could be expected 
  297. (3/24/2017) After CNN reports that Trump aides are being investigated by the FBI for collusion with Russia, Roger Stone sends a ranting letter saying he was defamed and will "spank" his accusers "like little children". Difficulty: he wasn't named in the report 
  298. (3/24/2017) Devin Nunes tries to justify his betrayal of principles and duty by stating he had an "obligation" to run and tell Trump he was f*cked 
  299. (3/24/2017) Rep. Nunes realizes he's farked one way or the other, backs off his claims. If you remember they were "yes, Donald Trump was wiretapped." "No, Donald Trump wasn't wiretapped" and "Maaaaaaybe?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" Tune in to find out which excuse won 
  300. (3/24/2017) For no apparent reason, the Republican Intelligence Committee Chair decided to cancel the public hearing on the panels investigation of Trump and possible collusion with Russia 
  301. (3/24/2017) Former Trump campaign hanger-on Paul Manafort offers to perjure himself in front of the House Intelligence Committee 
  302. (3/24/2017) What are the thirteen percent of women who support Trumpscare thinking? 
  303. (3/24/2017) Ladies and Gentleman our Treasury Secretary: "Well, I'm not allowed to promote anything that I'm involved in, but you should send all your kids to 'Lego Batman' " - which he produced 
  304. (3/24/2017) Old and busted: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." New hotness: "Once we get it done, we can have the chance to really explain it" 
  305. (3/24/2017) Lance Wallnau, crazed Storm Trumper pastor, believes his prayer efforts are saving Trump from leaks and witchcraft 
  306. (3/24/2017) Before it denounced the alt-right, the National Review elevated its ideals 
  307. (3/24/2017) Could be when conservatives finally wake up about their Supreme Court pick Justice Neil Gorsuch, he might just become their worst nightmare 
  308. (3/24/2017) Carter, Stone, and Page all offer to testify. Oh and Comey showed up the the WH just now and no one knows why 
  309. (3/24/2017) Trump comes out with withdrawal method for GOP package 
  310. (3/24/2017) America needs to figure out its water regulation; otherwise, we're going to wind up with Brawndo watering our crops 
  311. (3/24/2017) With the death of the Don'tCare Act, President Bannon has pledged to remember those who defied the White House. Channeling the worst of George W. Bush says we're in a "you're either with us or against us" mentality 
    1. (3/25/2017) Derpbert says that by suffering a crushing, embarrassing defeat on health care, Trump actually won and is actually stronger than ever. He would explain how, but it would require charts, graphs, and an abacus. And really, who has time? 
    2. (3/26/2017) Pence says, don't worry people of West Virginia, the scourge of public insurance will be gone with nothing good to replace it because I'm a Republican. Oops, did I say that out loud? 
    3. (3/26/2017) Trump voters, angered and outraged that the Affordable Care Act was not repealed [which is good for them], blame everyone but the actual source of the failure 
    4. (3/26/2017) Conservative media agrees: Trump is not to blame for the Trumpscare failure 
  312. (3/24/2017) The rise of Putin, or for the conservatives out there, how he's so dreamy without a shirt on 
  313. (3/25/2017) GOP Defeats Obamacare ads congratulating GOP Congressmen for Obamacare defeat run during March Madness
  314. (3/25/2017) Paul Ryan: We've spent so much time being the party of "no" that we've forgotten how to govern 
    1. (3/26/2017) Steve Bannon has lost control of the classroom 
    2. (3/26/2017) Earlier today, Trump went on Twitter to tell his cultish followers to tune in to Fox News and watch Judge Jeanine. Those who did saw her channel her inner Trump and demand Paul Ryan step down as Speaker of the House 
    3. (3/26/2017) Priebus: Trump had no idea whatsoever that Judge Pirro was going to say all of those nasty things about Paul Ryan when he urged everyone to watch her show on Saturday 
  315. (3/25/2017) Who run Congresstown? Who... run... Congresstown? Freedom Caucus runs Congresstown. FREEDOM CAUCUS RUNS CONGRESSTOWN 
    1. (3/26/2017) "Mr. President, we need to figure out how to win back the Freedom Caucus." "I know, I'll link them to the evil Dumbocrats, so my followers will all turn on them." "Umm...brilliant idea, Mr. President" 
    2. (3/26/2017) Trump is 'red hot' with rage over healthcare debacle and determined to make disloyal Republicans pay 
  316. (3/25/2017) Federal judge in Virginia sides with Pres. Trump. Judges will now face one another in a cage match; travel ban status to be determined by two falls, two submissions, or by a knockout 
  317. (3/25/2017) About that coal industry Trump promised to help 
  318. (3/26/2017) Trump's supermarket mouthpiece, The National Enquirer, has branded disgraced General Michael Flynn a Russian Spy. The End Is Nigh 
  319. (3/26/2017) Dear Mister Trump, please excuse Boris from work, indefinitely. -Epshteyn's mother 
  320. (3/26/2017) Utah governor signs abortion abortion bill 
  321. (3/26/2017) Joe Biden regrets not running for president. "I could have won" 
  322. (3/26/2017) RNC PR-BS: White House will court moderate Democrats on the border wall-containing tax plan, possibly bypassing the House Freedom Caucus 
  323. (3/26/2017) Sean Hannity asked Ted Koppel, "You think I'm bad for America?" The answer will not surprise you 
  324. (3/26/2017) Woman thinks the third time has to be the charm but she is again arrested for scaling the White House fence 
  325. (3/27/2017) So much for the tolerant left 
  326. (3/27/2017) The RedPill subreddit is just a giant cult, according to this author who was only one letter off 
  327. (3/27/2017) Sure the Democrats want to elevate Elizabeth Warren within the party ...but so do the Republicans. They seem to think she'll make a good boogeyman in the 2018 elections 
  328. (3/27/2017) Apparently, Trey Gowdy missed the part where Devin Nunes admitted to running to Trump and giving him details on the Russia probe 
  329. (3/27/2017) Now that they control government again, Republicans are back to saying that "deficits don't matter" 
  330. (3/27/2017) The Senate Intelligence Committee, the one NOT run by a Trump "stooge," has decided they would like "a word" with Trump son-in-law/beard Jared Kushner about the words he exchanged before the election with a Russian bank chief and the Ambassador 
  331. (3/27/2017) Will Spiceweasel mention Kushner? Will he finally go Budd Dwyer? Will he laugh as he finally gives into the insanity of the White House? THIS is your Spiceweasel Monday press briefing. (1:30PM start time) Live thread
  332. (3/27/2017) How can you possibly be a Christian, particularly a minister and still support the GOP in light of Matthew 25:40 ("whatever you do to the least of these you do also to me")? Simple: claim Jesus was only talking about taking care of ministers, not poors 
  333. (3/27/2017) Yeah sure, California is liberal as we all know, but it wasn't always the case. Stroll down memory lane with the xenophobes and the racists of the California of yore 
  334. (3/27/2017) How the rightwing media saved Obamacare. Wait, what? 
  335. (3/27/2017) Lawyer who operates a fake-news website and spoke about how Pizzagate was real insists his fake news stories are "100 percent true" 
  336. (3/27/2017) Treasury secretary says that it will be 50-100 years before automation affects jobs. Still figuring out how these new-fangled "horseless carriages" work 
  337. (3/27/2017) Trump unable to ruin health care so he turns his efforts to ruining the environment 
  338. (3/27/2017) New computer algorithm can predict the political leanings of Twitter users, partly from the fact that right wingers account for most of the fake news 
  339. (3/27/2017) Trump administration: Nuclear arms control is just too hard, so why even bother? 
  340. (3/28/2017) President Donald Trump: "Trump Russia story is a hoax" 
  341. (3/28/2017) If only the Democratic Party could get rid of that abortion around its neck, it might start winning elections again 
  342. (3/28/2017) Liberals want you to think they are compassionate, but really, they aren't. When they spend a dollar to feed a poor person, they stole that dollar from someone else. So you see, starving to death is the same thing as taxes, so vote Republican 
  343. (3/28/2017) Devin Nunes tells Bill O'Reilly that Democrats want him to quit the Russiagate investigation because "they know I am quite effective." You see, he has a certain set of skills; specifically, running to the source of the investigation to warn him 
  344. (3/28/2017) Spiceweasel: Look, if Nunes told someone, since he has clearance and is the head of the House Intelligence Committee, then he's probably authorized to share that info, even to someone without clearance 
  345. (3/28/2017) "Repeal and replace Obamacare" made a nice campaign sound bite, not least because of the alliteration. How do you do it, though, once government-sponsored insurance has become part of the living-room furniture? 
  346. (3/28/2017) Trumpscare did not have the support of the majority of Trump voters 
  1. (3/28/2017) Step forward if you still work for the DNC. Not so fast, every staffer 
  2. (3/28/2017) Nunes: I have investigated myself and found no wrong-doing 
  3. (3/28/2017) Young Turks upset at comparisons to Breitbart, though they don't care when you remind them they share a name with that Rod Stewart soundtrack 
  4. (3/29/2017) Shouty Spice proves he's bad at analogies by saying if Trump uses "Russian dressing on his salad" that's a Russia connection 
  5. (3/29/2017) Full of self-righteousness and a desire to defend Trump, Kayleigh McEnany angrily argues President Obama went out and played golf after he learned of Daniel Pearl's killing, saying it was unpresidential. Good thing Obama wasn't president in 2002 
  6. (3/29/2017) The House is already talking impeachment 
  7. (3/29/2017) GOP: Either Gorsuch or Gohome 
  8. (3/29/2017) New poll finds 40% of respondents believe Russia interfered with election to help Trump win. In other news, 60% of respondents believe they'll be sent to Siberia if they say 'yes' 
  9. (3/29/2017) Will Spiceweasel bite the head off a live reporter? Will chaos reign supreme? Will somebody ask about those damn emails? THIS is your daily Spiceweasel White House Press Briefing. (Start time is noon) 
  10. (3/29/2017) "Party before country" sinks to unprecedented depths as the GOP largely can't stand Trump but remains painfully and shamefully silent in the face of his trainwreck presidency 
  11. (3/29/2017) Hillary speaks in public, causing hundreds of Bros online to panic and demand that she not run for president 
  12. (3/29/2017) New poll shows deluded Republicans blame the "bad bill" for Trumpscare failure and not Trump 
  13. (3/29/2017) Trump and GOP last week: "We have no healthcare Plan B, if this fails, that's it." This week: "We totally have like 50 Plan Bs and we're very determined to kill as many of you people as possible" 
  14. (3/29/2017) White House hosts Bribe Your Way to Success™ Women's Empowerment Panel with Pam Bondi and Betsy DeVos 
    1. (3/29/2017) 'Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony? I'm shocked': Trump stuns women at empowerment event 
  15. (3/29/2017) Republican senators decide to review the whole "too big to fail" process 
  16. (3/29/2017) GOP mega-donors held a conference on climate change. Here are the five biggest conspiracy theories spouted by them during the bizarre gathering 
  17. (3/29/2017) You have to hand it to House Republicans, they are steadfastly refusing to throw Devin Nunes under the bus, instead they've decided they will ALL climb under the bus together and show those wheels who's boss 
  18. (3/29/2017) "No matter who's in power" only applies when Democrats have it 
  19. (3/29/2017) NATO Secretary General: Trump's right, you know 
  20. (3/29/2017) Devin Nunes explains that he wouldn't be totally cocking up this whole Russian investigation if the Democrats weren't forcing him to do a really bad job and also to betray his responsibility by being Trump's bootlicking toadie. See? The Dems did it 
  21. (3/29/2017) 74% of Republicans believe Trump Tower was wiretapped during the campaign 
  22. (3/29/2017) Former writer for Breitbart reveals the company--and Bannon--violated laws by cutting deals with their landlord, a wealthy Egyptian. The conflict of interest continues 
  23. (3/30/2017) There are at least three things you need for a successful political movement: convictions, courage and effective communication. The Republicans in Congress behave as if they have none of the above 
  24. (3/30/2017) For people who supposedly hate religion, the left is certainly transforming into one 
  25. (3/30/2017) Republicans vote to disallow the EPA to rely on science 
  26. (3/30/2017) Republicans vote to disallow the EPA to rely on science 
  27. (3/30/2017) Mike Huckabee caught on tape making assumptions on Lindsey Graham's sexuality 
  28. (3/30/2017) Will Spiceweasel claim the Senate Intelligence hearing was "Phenomenal"? Will April tear him a new one? Will he finally start beating reporters for questioning his authority? THIS is your Spiceweasel White House Press Briefing (1:30pm start time) Live thread
  29. (3/30/2017) 193 Democrats, 30 Freedom Caucus members. Enough to start impeachment proceedings. Guess who Trump just called out on Twitter 👑
    1. (3/30/2017) Freedom Caucus members to Donald Trump: welcome to the swamp, numbnuts 
  30. (3/30/2017) How many days does it take for Democratic Senator spines to crack and disintegrate into dust? Ah-one... ah-ha two.... ahhhh three. Three 
  31. (3/30/2017) Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) can't decide if she'd rather lose her seat in a general election, or a primary 
  32. (3/30/2017) GOP calls potential Gorsuch filibuster by Democrats "unprecedented". Merrick Garland unavailable for comment 
  33. (3/30/2017) Betsy DeVos: School choice is like deciding whether or not to use Uber, Lyft, or a taxi when most people can barely afford to take the bus 
  34. (3/30/2017) In his daily Twitter rant, Trump threatens to "change libel laws" to go after the New York Times, a move that, even if he COULD do it , would ironically, be unconstitutional according the Supreme Court's ruling in "New York Times V. Sullivan" 
  35. (3/30/2017) Thanks to our Great Negotiator, the President of the EU Executive arm threatens to support Ohio and Austin, Texas' call for independence if Trump keeps supporting EU separatist movements 
  36. (3/31/2017) Trump praises Mike Flynn for seeking immunity after watching Fox & Friends. I guess the segment didn't tell Trump who Flynn will be testifying against 
  37. (3/31/2017) GOP lawmaker: the Bible says the unemployed shall not eat 
  38. (3/31/2017) Will Spiceweasel tell us Flynn is part of a deep state conspiracy to get our phenomenal, precious bodily fluids? Will *he* flip on Trump too? Can anyone contain the utter chaos of it all? THIS is your Friday News Dump WH Press Briefing (1pm start) Live thread
  39. (3/31/2017) Voter intimidation against white people is about to become a major focus for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions' Department of Justice 
  40. (3/31/2017) Trump FCC pick pulls plug on ObamaNet 
  41. (3/31/2017) Just like our new BFF Russia, U.S. changes its policy that Syrian president Assad must step down 

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