Jason Chaffetz is the US Representative for the 3rd district for the state of Utah and a member of the 115th US Congress.

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  • chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

115th US CongressEdit

  1. As a sign of their continuing and relentless efforts to become the most ethical administration in US history, Republicans decide to attack the Office of Government Ethics for questioning Trump's ethics
  2. Director of the Office of Government Ethics has requested that any meeting with Congressman Jason Chaffetz be held in public, somewhere with a lot of people watching and no bell towers
  3. Chaffetz to Shaub: "You're such a loser for cancelling our meeting to discuss President Trump's ethics issues." Shaub to Chaffetz: "These e-mails show you skipped the meeting." Chaffetz to Shaub: "That's because I had to be at the gym in 27 minutes"
  4. Republican vows to persecute political opponent
  5. Rep Chaffetz (R-epulsive Cancerous Growth) is sponsoring HR 621 because f*ck America, that's why
  6. Rep Jasn Chaffetz withdraws his bill to require the Dept of the Interior to sell off millions of acres of publicly held land after discovering there is such a thing as going too damn far even in the eyes of Utah voters
  7. But her emails?
  8. Jason Chaffetz (R):"The protesters at my town hall meeting were paid to show up in an attempt to bully and intimidate me"
  9. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-unaway) claims paid agitators protested at his town hall. Should have been worried about masked, armed people who rushed guards to try getting in. "They exercised their open-carry right. But it's obviously a challenge for us"
  10. Jason Chaffetz contemplates standing upright with his new found spine
  11. Considering he thought all the people screaming "do your job" at his last town hall meeting were paid plants bused in by George Soros, I don't think the we can expect more than Chief Wiggums -level effort from the "top cop" on government ethics
  12. Jason Chaffetz decides maybe he should be locked up
  13. We can't investigate any Russian connections, we are far too busy investigating this
  14. For absolutely no reason in particular. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has introduced legislation that all future presidential candidates must undergo a physical and mental health examination by an independent doctor who will publicly release the results

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