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kwame is often thought to be black by new TotalFarkers but is in fact one of the three whitest people on TF.  He teaches pidgen at the University of Tennessippi and is responsible for 17% of all fake and parody headlines on TotalFark.  He is given frequent sabbaticals subsequent to flurries of such headlines.

Real Doll Edit

Someone submitted the following headline [1]: "Four years ago, I started a fund to buy a Real Doll. 8 months ago, I met a woman I love. Part of me still wants to buy the Doll, though. Is that a conversation I can have with her, or should I give up on it altogether? " completely forgetting what kind of people he was asking. In time the submitter was outed by a modmin as Kwame. Much hilarity ensued and the thread is still referred to every time a Real Doll is mentioned. It is assumed that Kwame died of embarrassment soon afterwards, as he has not been seen or heard from since.

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