Lootie, originally known as Beer Looter Dude, appeared after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, Louisiana. The original image, of a black man waist-deep in water, toting a plastic bin filled with beer (primarily Heineken), was shot by an Associated Press photographer and initially appeared on Yahoo! News, but within days had gone viral and the image of BLD or Lootie was Photoshopped into hundreds of unlikely situations over the next few months.

On Fark, Lootie could be counted on to turn up in any Photoshop contest that involved even small bodies of water (and a bunch that didn't), or anything involving Heineken beer. A severe backlash developed over the years, and finally, in 2013, mods banned Lootie from Photoshop contests and, it is rumored, even banned discussion of the ban. Only rare, subtle traces of him can be seen now.