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Jimmy FallonEdit

TV's Jay Leno, Jr.

  1. Don Trump Jr praised Jimmy Fallon for not being "vicious and pushing a political agenda like everyone else on TV." Wait, who does that?


  1. (3/27/2017) Fox News mocked for running NEWS ALERT that Trump spent all weekend working at the White House when, in fact, he was golfing 
  2. Fox News host suggested that the Secret Service should kill Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow after Snoop recently made a music video in which he points a gun at a clown version of President Trump, because that's what you do in a Democracy
  3. Fox News was the most-watched cable network for Trump's State of The Confederacy speech
  4. Fox News CEO is a little concerned about all the fake news they are creating. How concerned? Fake fake concerned
  5. Fox News won't fact check The Big Cheeto's claim about Obama wiretapping him, but they will "fact check" Obama's denial of it. Bonus: There wasn't any fact checking, it was someone's opinion
  6. A minute-by-minute breakdown of two hours of this morning's "Fox & Friends" and President Trump's tweets that soon followed and referenced each story almost verbatim
  7. Fox News slams GOP health care reform plan. Yes, THAT Fox News
  8. Fox News: Very concerned for your privacy. Well not necessarily yours, but someone's
  9. John Oliver really, really hates Trumpcare and everything the GOP is trying to do with the ACA, so he is again trying to reach Trump by purchasing airtime on Fox & Friends and airing another commercial targeting the DC audience
  10. FTFA: In what can be described as journalistic malpractice and a gross dereliction of duty, the alt-left radical propaganda press continues to insist there is some nefarious connection between President Trump and Moscow. Evidence? They don't need any

Bill O'ReillyEdit

Godfather of the Spin Zone

  1. (3/28/2017) Devin Nunes tells Bill O'Reilly that Democrats want him to quit the Russiagate investigation because "they know I am quite effective." You see, he has a certain set of skills; specifically, running to the source of the investigation to warn him 

David BossieEdit

former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager

  1. Everyone in the Trump campaign was rewarded with appointments they were unqualified for--except for Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie, who was left in the cold. Probably because he never talked to Russia

Fox & FriendsEdit

  1. A minute-by-minute breakdown of two hours of this morning's "Fox & Friends" and President Trump's tweets that soon followed and referenced each story almost verbatim
  2. Cancer patient calls bullshiat on Samantha Bee's 'half-apology'
  3. While most news outlets reported the twin bombshells Comey dropped yesterday, that Trump lied, and that Trump's team is being investigated; Fox and Friends tweets "you didn't miss much" with a supercut of the questions Comey DIDN'T answer

Sean HannityEdit

THE Sean Hannity

  1. 'Didn't you used to be a girl?': Chaz Bono faces deluge of online hate after Hannity Twitter spat
  2. FTFA: In what can be described as journalistic malpractice and a gross dereliction of duty, the alt-left radical propaganda press continues to insist there is some nefarious connection between President Trump and Moscow. Evidence? They don't need any
  3. After one of their many on-air arguments, "Hannity pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Williams...he even turned on the laser sight, causing a red dot to bob around on Williams' body"
  4. (3/26/2017) Sean Hannity asked Ted Koppel, "You think I'm bad for America?" The answer will not surprise you 
    1. (3/28/2017) Apparently that wasn't Sean Hannity being owned by Ted Koppel on Sunday, it was some CBS produced hologram, because the real Sean Hannity just let out a barrage of tweets declaring it "Fake News" 
    2. (3/29/2017) Sean Hannity to Ted Koppel: No, u 

Kayleigh McEnanyEdit

CNN spokesmodel

  1. (3/23/2017) Kayleigh McEnany tried to say her fellow CNN panelists didn't support the Fourth Amendment. She was quickly humiliated, as is tradition 
  2. (3/29/2017) Full of self-righteousness and a desire to defend Trump, Kayleigh McEnany angrily argues President Obama went out and played golf after he learned of Daniel Pearl's killing, saying it was unpresidential. Good thing Obama wasn't president in 2002 

Morning JoeEdit

the only show worth watching on MSNBC

  1. (3/29/2017) Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski say they were successful in that they got inside Trump's head 

"Judge" NapolitanoEdit

  1. Obviously, the reason no one can find any evidence that Obama ordered Trump wiretapped is because he asked James Bond to do it
    1. White House officially downgrades its apology to "an explanation"
      1. Deputy Director of the NSA calls Trump's UK spying allegations "just crazy", "arrant nonsense". Then insinuates Trump is ignorant and stupid. Why yes, he is retiring shortly
      2. No longer even trying to hide it
    2. Former judge Napolitano now former employee of Fox
  2. Fox News host suggested that the Secret Service should kill Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow after Snoop recently made a music video in which he points a gun at a clown version of President Trump, because that's what you do in a Democracy

Jeanine PirroEdit

former judge, FOX News spokesmodel

  1. (3/26/2017) Earlier today, Trump went on Twitter to tell his cultish followers to tune in to Fox News and watch Judge Jeanine. Those who did saw her channel her inner Trump and demand Paul Ryan step down as Speaker of the House 
    1. (3/26/2017) Priebus: Trump had no idea whatsoever that Judge Pirro was going to say all of those nasty things about Paul Ryan when he urged everyone to watch her show on Saturday 

James RosenEdit


  1. Spicer: "Obama tapped a Fox reporter's phone." Fox reporter: "No, he didn't" Spicer lackey: "There are multiple reports that Obama tapped a Fox reporter's phone"

Shepard SmithEdit

  1. (3/23/2017) Shepard Smith's persistent adherence to liberal claptrap such as "facts," "accuracy," and "journalistic principles" are beginning to distress Fox News viewers, who are now calling for his firing 


Breitbart "News"Edit

  1. Sessions was not technically asked if anyone in the Trump campaign talked with the Russians, only what he would do if they had. Therefore it was not perjury when he said no one had communicated with them
  2. Mark Levin knows what's up. It's not the possible collusion between Trump and the Russians we should we worried about, it's the fact that President Obama used his power in office to spy on Trump with a view to undermine his Presidency
  3. Breitbart mocks globalist WSJ for suggesting it could support Trump if only he got rid of Steve Bannon and Steve Miller
  4. Breitbart: Yo WaPo, while Trump's proposal to publish a list of immigrant crimes and their victims does have Nazi overtones, the big difference is that Hitler did it against loyal, legal, law abiding German Jews, not illegal criminals. So, checkmate
  5. Breitbart, Steve Bannon's own personal public relations arm, thinks the GOP's ACA replacement is terrible
  6. Breitbart begins sharpening some very long knives
    1. Microwave catches Paul Ryan throwing Trump under the bus
    2. Breitbart loves trolling Paul Ryan. Well who wouldn't?
  7. Inside internet hate site: "We're not a hate site"
  8. Breitbart wants Trump to go full Andrew Jackson and ignore the courts and their verdicts, because that's what you do in a Democracy
  9. The FBI Russia probe will also investigate the Western wing of Russia's propaganda machine, Breitbart and Infowars
  10. Monday's hearing "debunked" Trump's wiretapping tweets, but left his underlying claim intact: that there was surveillance of the Trump campaign; that the results were shared throughout the government - even possibly reaching the Obama White House
  11. Breitbart begins sharpening some very long knives
    1. Microwave catches Paul Ryan throwing Trump under the bus
  12. Breitbart loves trolling Paul Ryan. Well who wouldn't?
  13. Inside internet hate site: "We're not a hate site"
  14. (3/27/2017) Breitbart denied permanent Capitol Hill press credentials, which shouldn't be surprising as he's been dead for years now 
  15. (3/29/2017) Former writer for Breitbart reveals the company--and Bannon--violated laws by cutting deals with their landlord, a wealthy Egyptian. The conflict of interest continues 

Paul L. CaronEdit

editor, TaxProf Blog

  1. The best and worst states for business: 90% of the top 10 voted for Trump; 80% of the bottom 10 voted for Clinton

Matt DrudgeEdit

  1. Clammy porcelain Republican kingmaker Matt Drudge says he now wants his vote back because Republicans haven't abolished the concept of taxes yet


  1. Facebook is marking InfoWars links as "spam", regardless of whether Alex Jones appears shirtless
  2. The FBI Russia probe will also investigate the Western wing of Russia's propaganda machine, Breitbart and Infowars

Independent Journal ReviewEdit

founded by former Republican party staffers Alex Skatell and Phil Musser in 2012

  1. Tillerson is traveling Asia with only one journalist, totally not a right wing hack from the Independent Journal Review, founded by conservatives in 2012. So, expect some enlightening coverage from this genius

Erin McPikeEdit

reporter, Independent Journal Review

  1. SoS Rex Tillerson: "I didn't want this job. I didn't seek this job. My wife told me I'm supposed to do this." The Best People®, folks


  1. (3/27/2017) Apparently, Trey Gowdy missed the part where Devin Nunes admitted to running to Trump and giving him details on the Russia probe 

Reason MagazineEdit

  1. Reason magazine has never suffered through a PBS telethon


formerly known as Russia Today

  1. Since Donald Trump is having such a hard time with his Russian ties, Russia Today figured it was the perfect time to revisit President Obama's birth certificate
  2. RT thought Michael Flynn was worth paying $45K to speak in Moscow. This means something, right?
    1. If you're gonna sell out your country to the Russians, at least do it for more than a lousy $68k


  1. Watch the liberals. Listen to what they say, because their lies and their slanders are a road map to their plans for the future
  2. President Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. He's only been in office a month so the odds are against him, like our president has ever been daunted by the odds
  3. "Nobody ever talks about the fact that [the words 'wires tapped' was in quotes [in the tweet], but that's a very important thing"]
  4. (3/28/2017) "Repeal and replace Obamacare" made a nice campaign sound bite, not least because of the alliteration. How do you do it, though, once government-sponsored insurance has become part of the living-room furniture? 
  5. (3/30/2017) There are at least three things you need for a successful political movement: convictions, courage and effective communication. The Republicans in Congress behave as if they have none of the above 

Weekly StandardEdit

  1. (3/30/2017) For people who supposedly hate religion, the left is certainly transforming into one 


  1. Wikileaks is publishing all of Donald's secrets. Wait, it's only 1000s of CIA documents? That's not the same thing? But he's the President. Damn you Obama
  2. There's only one common theme in the WikiLeaks and Snowden scandal: Russia always stands to gain
  3. Brexit backer and Trump supporter Farage stops by Ecuadorian embassy housing Wikileaks' Julian Assange. Asked by reporters what he was doing there, he replies that he doesn't remember. Not suspicious at all
  4. (3/23/2017) Trying to deflect attention from Trump's ties to Russia, Wikileaks releases CIA guide to hacking Apple products. Joke's on them as Trump uses an Android phone 


Erick EricksonEdit

radio host

  1. (3/27/2017) How can you possibly be a Christian, particularly a minister and still support the GOP in light of Matthew 25:40 ("whatever you do to the least of these you do also to me")? Simple: claim Jesus was only talking about taking care of ministers, not poors {{

Mark LevinEdit

radio host

  1. Mark Levin: "There is overwhelming evidence the Obama administration wiretapped Trump before Trump was sworn in as president, and Democrats are trying to cover that up" Press: "What evidence?" Mark Levin: "OVERWHELMING evidence"


National ReviewEdit

  1. New York Times wants you to forget one of their narratives. Forget, forget, deep breath now, forget. Please standby to naively accept the next installment
  2. Man: "I've yet to read anything positive about this healthcare bill". Woman: "Try going 2 a conservative source and open up your reading habits". Man: "I'm the editor of National Review Online"
  3. (3/24/2017) Before it denounced the alt-right, the National Review elevated its ideals 

New York Daily NewsEdit

  1. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but, the New York Daily News, America's paper of opposition to Donald Trump before the election, has changed their tone with President "no press access to haters" Trump

New York PostEdit

  1. (3/30/2017) New York Post says, stop writing mean stuff about Trump. Really, Obama is bad and that's really what is bad about America. Obama bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, dammit 


Scott AdamsEdit

artist, visionary behind Dilbert cartoon

  1. (3/25/2017) Derpbert says that by suffering a crushing, embarrassing defeat on health care, Trump actually won and is actually stronger than ever. He would explain how, but it would require charts, graphs, and an abacus. And really, who has time? 

Tim AllenEdit

1990's TV wasbeen

  1. Tim Allen says Hollywood is 'like 1930's Germany' for conservatives. Man, his comedy routine's really gone downhill

Julian AssangeEdit

  1. Julian Assange is alarmed about the amount of attention he's not getting these days
  2. Apparently Putin doesn't want a Pence presidency

Andre BauerEdit

pundit, former Lt.Governor, (R SC)

  1. (3/30/2017) Do not lie to Don Lemon. Don Lemon will expose your idiocy. Especially if said lie is claiming Russia helped the Clintons 

Ann CoulterEdit

  1. "Immigrant privilege drives the child rape epidemic." Oh my f*cking God Ann Coulter actually said that line. And wrote an article about it. And believes it. And...Jesus Tapdancing Christ what the fark is wrong with her
  2. (3/23/2017) "We've hit full-on crazy," laments Baba Yaga, though not because of the Russia scandal but because of judges blocking a racist travel ban 
  3. (3/31/2017) Three months after students at UC Berkeley successfully repelled a talk by Conservative lightning rod of hate Milo Yiannopoulos, the college is now inviting Baba Yaga to discuss illegal immigration. This should end about as well 

Newt GingrichEdit

former Speaker of the House

  1. Newt licks himself some Trump butt. Mmm, that's good Trump butt

former Governor Mike Huckabee (R AR)Edit

  1. Gov. Mike Huckabee says Trump should do what Andrew Jackson did when courts overreached and just ignore them. Recall that Jackson was illegally kicking Indians off their land and sending them into a deadly forced march. Coming soon Trail of Tears II
  2. (3/30/2017) Mike Huckabee caught on tape making assumptions on Lindsey Graham's sexuality 

Alex JonesEdit


  1. The most Fark ready headline that has ever been Fark ready: "Goddamn it, Alex Jones has taken his shirt off again" (WARNING: Alex Jones is shirtless in TFA) (a lot)
  2. (3/24/2017) Backpedaling on a scale never seen before, Alex Jones recants and renounces Pizzagate. OMG, the lizard people got to him 
    1. (3/26/2017) Alex Jones' apology for Pizzagate is accepted by his listeners about as well as could be expected 

Kid RockEdit

Latter-Day Ted Nugent

  1. Kid Rock celebrates his new line of grills made in America by launching Chinese grills into the air and shooting them with a shotgun. I'm sure the Chinese don't care since they have Rock's money

Charles KrauthammerEdit

  1. Columnist Charles "C-Unit" Krauthammer says the GOP healthcare bill is Obamacare Lite. Bonus: Says the GOP should pass it anyway. Double Bonus: Because this is all FDR, Eisenhower, and Obama's fault

"Dr." LauraEdit

radio doctor

Harvey LevinEdit

founder, TMZ

  1. Is it me or is Harvey Levin a giant shill for the Trump administration? The big news from Comey and all TMZ can report is that someone jumped the fence at the White House. "Look at the dancing monkey, totally ignore the FBI lining up these weasels"

Corey LewandowskiEdit

former campaign chief, current lobbyist

  1. Trump campaign chief turned Lobbyist Corey Lewandowski is raising money for a PAC designed to help "drain the swamp" and fight corruption in Washington. Man, who would've expected him to turn on his former boss like that?

Michelle MalkinEdit

  1. Michelle Malkin says judges are tyrants for not allowing constitutionally dubious travel ban to go through. Good thing Malkin doesn't have a murky immigrant background which might include her parents immigrating on employer sponsored visas

former Governor Pat McCrory (R NC)Edit

The Honorable Governor Bathroom

  1. Ex NC Governor Pat McCrory: Some people won't hire me just because I spearheaded blatantly discriminatory legislation that damaged the reputation of my state and incompetently managed the fallout. Can you imagine the nerve?

Wayne MerryEdit

senior fellow, American Foreign Policy Council

  1. They've placed enough sonar buoys so that a man could walk from Scotland to Iceland to Greenland without getting his feet wet

Stephen MooreEdit

President, Club for Growth

  1. (3/28/2017) Conservative goes on Anderson Cooper to boast Obamacare is in a death spiral, gets smacked down by Robert Reich who demands things like evidence, proof, and explanations 

Wayne Allyn RootEdit


  1. Homophobic pastor Wayne Allyn Root says Donald Trump is "like a wife who makes passionate love to you every day, seven days a week." Even on the Sabbath


various news outletsEdit

Conservative media

    1. (3/26/2017) Conservative media agrees: Trump is not to blame for the Trumpscare failure 
    2. (3/27/2017) Conservative media has no idea how to deal with their sudden Trump-related prominence 

Cause of ActionEdit

    1. Donald Trump just became Hillary Clinton's email ally

Center for Medical ProgressEdit

  • David Daleiden

videographer the Center for Medical Progress

  • Sandra Merritt

videographer the Center for Medical Progress

  1. (3/29/2017) Guys, it's not "fake news" when you've been charged with 15 felony counts for your "fake" Planned Parenthood undercover videos Template:Edit

Heartland InstituteEdit

right-wing think tank, receives funding from Exxon-Mobil and Koch Brothers

  1. (3/26/2017) Climate Change deniers just revealed their expectations of Trump 
    1. (3/29/2017) GOP mega-donors held a conference on climate change. Here are the five biggest conspiracy theories spouted by them during the bizarre gathering 

Marillyn HewsonEdit

CEO, Lockheed Martin

    1. Lockheed Martin CEO says that Trump made the F-35 great again with just a single phone call

Judicial WatchEdit

    1. Donald Trump just became Hillary Clinton's email ally

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