Here are some of the nicknames for the 45th* President of the United States


  1. I will buy a half a year of Totalfark for the best term for "crazy trump". Orangy McHamsterhands and trumptard are out of running. Cut off is Wednesday 9 pm west coast. Awkward tag is for me...because I'm making this harder than it has to be


  1. Theory of Trumpitivity
  2. trumpian
  3. Trumparrhea
  4. Trumplomacy (BBC)
  5. Trumping
    when a white man takes credit for the work of a black man[1]

Of Scottish OriginEdit

  1. tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon @MetalOllie via Twitter
  2. Tangerine gabshite walloper (Lorna Wallace, poetry winner)
  3. Custard-flavoured jobby, Leather-faced piss jar, Mangled apricot hellbeast, Bawbag-eyed fuck bumper, Glaikit heidbanger, Toupéd fucktrumpet, Knuckle-brained fart lozenge, Blinkered plum, Huffy wee fuckin bampot, Utter cockwomble, Degenerate corned beef face syrup wearing wankstain, Rug wearing thunder nugget, Fuckin walloper, Uncooked pastry, Hamster heedit bampot, Fuck-knuckle, Rotten orange fucknut, Onion-eyed flap dragon, Wee orange rodent, Mop-headed fud, Cock juggling thundercunt, Witless fucking cocksplat, Gerbil-headed, woodstained, haunted spunktrumpet, Shitstick fuckface The Great People of Scotland via Twitter, Buzzfeed (In video form[2])

Related to physical attributesEdit

Multiple physical attributesEdit

  1. Yam Being Mounted By A Gerbil
  2. Lord Marmalade von Babyhands
  3. Orangy McHamsterhands
  4. Orange Asshole
  5. Small Handed Talking Yam of Evil & Chaos[3]
  6. Farkface Von Clownstick

Small hands, penisEdit

  1. short-fingered vulgarian Spy magazine's Graydon Carter and Kurt Andersen
  2. Grabby McSmallhands
  3. President Babydick
  4. Mr. Micropenis
  5. President Tinyhands
  6. Baby Carrot
  7. Baby Dick Duvalier


  1. hairsprayed huckster
  2. Corporal Combover
  3. Hair Hitler
  4. kommander combover
  5. Hairmonger Cheeto Sh*tgibbon

Orange, orange skinEdit

  1. Orangeman
  2. bloviating orange moron
  3. Tangerine Nightmare
  4. mango tinted terror
  5. Spray Tan Enthusiast
  6. Orange shiatgibbon
  7. Geriatric Oompa Loompa
  8. Orange Menace
  9. Fanta Menace
  10. Baby Carrot
  11. the OrangeChild
  12. Naranja Cheeto
  14. Angry Tangerine
  16. Spongebrained Tangerine
  17. tangelo-faced fuckmuppet
  18. Orange Death
  19. Tangerine Twitterer
  20. His Orangeness
  21. Orange-Crested Shiatgibbon[4]
  22. Pitiful Orange Unsophisticated Twerp Scumbag (POUTS)
  23. The Great Orange One
  24.  Your Orangeness
  25. Mango-in-Chief
  26. the Great Pumpkin

Thin skinnedEdit

  1. Trumplethinskin
  2. Thin-Skinned Manbaby


  1. Potato With Butthole Lips

Immature, childish CharacterEdit

  1. Toddler In Chief
  2. crybaby in chief
  3. Toddler Psychopath (John Oliver)
  4. Donnie Two Scoops

Traitor relatedEdit

  1. Quisling From Queens
  2. Traitor in Chief (tm)
  3. Draft Dodging Donny



  1. Orange Hitler
  2. Trumpenführer
  3. Gropinführer
  4. Flim Flam Führer
  5. President Joffrey
  6. Orange Joffrey
  7. fecal fingered Caligula
  8. Orange Mugabe
  9. Marmalade Mussulini
  10. Boss Tweet
  11. Kim Jong Trump
  12. Adolf Twitler
  13. Obertrumpenführer
  14. Tangerine Tyrant
  15. Mohamed bin Trump
  16. Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi POTUS[5]
  17. Baron Trumpkonnen
  18. Gawd Empruh Donnie
  19. Impulse Kneejerk Stalin Hitler
  20. Generalissimo Know-It-All
  21. Lord DampnutColin Mochrie via Urban Dictionary
  22. Herr Twitler
  23. King CheeWee
  24. Napoleon Bona-Trump (Samantha Bee)
  25. Baby Dick Duvalier
  26. Fake President
  27. President hypocrite
  28. SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of the United States)(
  29. Gaslighter in Chief (Frida Ghitis, CNN)
  30. King Trump the Paranoid
  31. Adolf the Obese
  32. Metamussolini  (or Metamucilini)
  33. Trumpwaffe
  34. Orange Death
  35. kommander combover
  36. Herr Twitler
  37. King Cheetos

Political +CheetoEdit

  1. Cheeto Benito
  2. Cheetolini
  3. King Cheeto
  4. Cheeto Guevera
  5. Benito Cheetolini
  6. Cheeto Hitler
  7. Marshal Cheeto
  8. President Cheeto Pedo


  1. President Daddy
  2. Father Trump
  3. President Abusive Dad 
  4. Cult 45


  1. Putin's Cock Holster
  2. President Asterisk
  3. cut and paste Presidency
  4. So-called President
  5. Donny the Scapegoat
  6. Surrogate President Trump
  7. Trumpovich
  8. Comrade Pissbaby


  1. Cheeto Supreme
  2. Naranja Cheeto
  3. President Cheetolicious[6]
  4. Zaphod Cheetobrox
  5. The Big Cheeto[7]
  6. Hairmonger Cheeto Sh*tgibbon


  1. The Piss King
  2. President Peepee
  3. President Pissbaby
  4. Comrade Pissbaby



  1. Conflict of Interest of the United States (COITUS)

Sexual PredatorEdit

  1. President Grubby Hands[8]
  2. Disgusting Pussygrabber (President Disgusting Pussygrabber)
  3. President Cheeto Pedo

Related to IncompetenceEdit

  1. President Breaking Wind Sir Ian McKellen via Twitter
  3. our national disgrace
  4. SnakeOilSalesman-in-Chief
  5. Tweetie
  6. Donny Least
  7. President Cowardly, Lying, Hate-Filled Sack of shiat 
  8. President Gish Gallop
  9. El Payaso
  10. Trumpwit
  11. President Shiat-for-Brains 
  12. idiot racist reality TV clown
  13. The guy tweeting from the Oval Bathroom[9]
  14. Zaphod Cheetobrox
  15. Alt-President Moneybags
  16. deaf, dumb, decrepit, shouty orangeling
  17. Donny Jar Jar
  18. puffed-up Windbeutel
  19. Donald the Unready
  20. U.S.S. Trumptanic[10]
  21. President Dunning-Kruger 
  22. Dolt 45
  23. Drumpfrey Blowhard
  24. President Trainwreck
  25. Trumperdorf
  26. President Jellyman
  27. Tweaker Tweeter
  28. Thalidomide Thumbs
  29. The Commander in Cheet
  30. Daffy Drumpf
  31. L. Don Blubbard
  32. WTF in Chief[11]
  33. Daft Trump[12]
  34. Pitiful Orange Unsophisticated Twerp Scumbag (POUTS)
  35. the Stopped Clock of Assholes (John Oliver)
  36. Don the Con
  37. Millionaire Asshole Golfing Again
  38. Bloviated Blowhard
  39. President Dipshiat
  40. President Dunning J. Kruger[13]

Related to Mental InstabilityEdit


  1. President Emotional Problems[14]
  2. Spongebrained Tangerine
  3. King Trump the Paranoid

Delusions of WealthEdit

  1. Little Lord Trumpleroy
  2. Self-Described Billionaire
  3. Alt-President Moneybags
  4. Millionaire Asshole Golfing Again

Personality disorderEdit

(Anti-social, narcissist, etc)

  1. Gramma Killer
  2. Depraved Heart President
  3. NOTUS (Narcissist Of The United States)
  4. Asshole-in-chief
  5. stochastic terrorist in chief
  6. Toddler Psychopath (John Oliver)

Addictive PersonalityEdit

  1. Tweaker Tweeter


  1. Adolf Twitler
  2. Tangerine Twitterer
  3. Tweaker Tweeter
  4. Thalidomide Thumbs


  1. President Business
  2. The Rev. Dr. Trump
  3. The 45th President of the United States, "Super Genius"

Miscellaneous, otherEdit

  1. Donnie Disaster
  2. Deadbeat Donnie
  3. Dynamite Shitgibbon
  4. Prince Trumperdink[15]
  5. Veruca Salt
  6. douchebag Donnie
  7. High Lord Douchebag

See AlsoEdit

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