Paul Ryan is the US Representative for the 4th district for the state of Wisconsin and a member of the 115th US Congress.

This page contains links to Fark threads in which Paul Ryan was discussed.


  • Speaker of the House

115th US CongressEdit

  1. Ryan to Trump on illegal immigrants voting: Citation needed
  2. Paul Ryan invites Trump to complain about how he won the popular vote if it weren't for those 3 million illegals and that the polls are rigged, in front of congress on February 28th. Can't wait
  3. Paul Ryan is still a national embarrassment, and it's even worse now that he's come out in support of the Muslim ban
  4. Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate Medicare is like an extensive polyp hunting expedition, and you never call, I never know what's happening with you
  5. I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's Paul Ryan muttering "waste of my farking time," after defending the detainment of innocent people for hours in airports (since recanted, still funny)
  6. The 2016 election allowed scientist to discover a previously unknown species of invertebrate: Paul Ryan
  7. Congratulations, Mr. Speaker, this is your whole job now: "Speaker Paul Ryan found himself in a familiar spot Tuesday: responding to controversial statements from President Trump
  8. Paul Ryan's constituents host town hall without him, talk to empty chair representing the master of Stockholm Syndrome
    1. Wherefore art thou, Paul Ryan's balls?
  9. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R):"We found no evidence that Trump aides were in contact with Russia. We've seen only sand"

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